Monday, May 31, 2010

Lotus Sleeve Blouse

 Brand : Loyer.Mod
Fabric: 80% polyester, 20% cotton 
Measurement : 
 Shoulder Width: 34cm. 
Length: 64cm. 
Bust: 100cm.
Colour Available : Grey/ Black)
Price : RM40.00
Price : RM30.00

Lacey Shoulder Blouse

Brand : Loyer.Mod
Fabric: 60% Cotton 40% Polyester 
Size : Free Size
Length: 63cm.
Colours Available : Black~Last piece / 
(Grey~SOLD) / (White~SOLD)
Price : RM50.00
Price : RM33.00

Ultra Sweet Chiffon Blouse

Bust 84cm, Shoulder 32cm, Dress Length 80cm
Fabric : Polyester Fiber
**with inner lining**
Colour Available : Blue / (Pink~Sold Out) / Peach
Price : RM50.00
Price : RM35.00

Fun Pinafore

Fabric: Hemp, which take 65% cotton 35% polyester 
- Outer: Shoulder Width: 27cm. Length: 78cm 
- Inner: Length 80cm. Bust: 78cm
Colour Available : Grey / Black
**2 individual piece**
Price : RM45.00
Steal : RM30.00

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cowl Neck Stripe Long Blouse

Material: Mercerized Cotton 
Measurement :
Bust 140cm, 
Waist circumference (unrestricted, loose type), 
Length 74cm
Colour : White / Black
**Inner Top Included** 
Price : RM53.00
Steal : RM35.00
Bored of the usual long t-shirt ensemble?? This cowl neck long blouse is unlike anything you've seen. It wraps the body nice and smart enough to wear it to any function or even work. Comes with a matching separable inner tube too, so come on girls!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Angel Wings Style Top

Length : 56cm
Bust Width : 88cm
Colour : Purplish Grey
Fabric : Double Layer Silk
Price : RM45.00
Sales : RM30.00

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kawaii Japanese T-Shirt (SOLD OUT)

Size : Free Size
Measurement : Total Length ~ 60cm
Bust ~ 82cm, Shoulder ~ +/-47cm
Fabric : Cotton
Price : RM25.00 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Simple Girlie Dress

Fabric : Cotton Lycra
Size : Free
Measurement : Skirt Length 88cm,
Bust 78cm (stretchable),
Waist 92cm (stretch furthest),
Shoulder Width 30cm,
Sleeve Length 32cm,
Cuff 20cm
Notes : Belt and Brooch detachable and included.
Price : RM58.00
Price : RM25.00

Flower Chiffon Cardigan (SOLD OUT)

Measurement : Length: 57cm, 
Shoulder width: 31cm, 
Sleeve length: 29cm,
 Bust: 81cm~96cm (stretchable), 
Sleeve Widthe: 40cm, 
Cuffs: 20cm, 
Hem Width: 66cm
Color: Pink
Fabric: Chiffon
Price : RM36.00

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flower Motive Dress

Measurement : Bust 94cm (elastic band),
 Length 50cm (waist to helm)
With 2 side pockets.
Cotton Belt is included
Material : Cotton
Colour: Blue (with small yellow flowers/ Maroon (with multi coloured flowers)
Price :RM45.00
Sales : 30.00

Sea Breeze Maxi

Measurement : 
Dress Length 148cm,
Bust 90cm
Color: Blue
Fabric: Chiffon
**Inner lining till knee**
Price : RM32.00
Price : RM22.00

Casual Comfy Set

Fabric : Silk Cotton
Top Measurement : Bust 71cm, 
Waist 76cm, 
Length 49cm (adjustable strap)
Trousers Measurement : Waist (stretchable), 
Length 72cm
Colour : Ash Grey
Notes : Imported from Japan
Price : RM60.00
Steal : RM45.00

Friday, May 14, 2010

Soft Brown Dress (SOLD-OUT)

Color: Brown (with full white inner lining)
Fabric: Chiffon
Measurement : Skirt Length 85cm; Shoulder 32cm;
Bust 88cm, Waist 92cm, Hem 180cm
(Belt is included)
Price : RM60.00

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Checkered Maxi

Fabric : Silk Cotton
Bust : Stretchable until 102cm
Dress Length : 137cm
Colour : Purple / Red
*From Japan*
Price : RM65.00
Price : RM47.00

Halter Neck Style Jumper

**Accessory not included**
Colours : Black~Sold
 / Purple~Available
Fabric : Cotton
Size : Fit size M - L
Price : RM60.00
Price : RM50.00

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